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Herding dogs have long been important in livestock industries throughout the world. Today there is also an increased interest in herding on the part of individuals who are not involved in the livestock industry, but who are interested in working with their dogs and helping preserve the talents and abilities of the herding breeds. Competitive herding trials have been increasing in number and variety.


Stockdogs must cooperate with the handler, yet use their own initiative and judgment. They must be able to work with gentleness, yet show strength in facing up to a stubborn animal.


This page has been put together in an effort to provide information and leads for those interested in learning about herding and the herding breeds.





herding dog pictures





New:  Carea Leonés, Shepherd Dog of Leon  -- by José Luis Prieto Morán  


Shepherds of Manhattan -- tending flocks in American public parks in the 19th and 20th centuries


The Old German Shepherd Dog in America -- herding dogs from Germany in 19th century America.  


Tending the Flock, some historical artworks and accounts of shepherds, shepherdesses and their dogs watching over their flocks


The German Coolie or Koolie:  Australia's German Collie -- Some Background on the Coolie/Koolie


Sheepdog Training in 18th Century France -- excerpts from Advice to Shepherds by Louis-Jean-Marie Daubenton, 1782 


Ranch/Farm and Large Flock trials






The American Working Dog Museum is seeking exhibit materials illustrating the history and current work of herding and flock guarding dogs. We have just purchased an historic downtown building in Colfax, Iowa, for this new museum, and need to find documents, equipment, videos, photos, awards and any other materials that tell the story of the herding/guarding breeds and their work. If you have anything that you think might illustrate these breeds for the museum, please contact:     

                  Lynia Ghormley

                  226 East Howard Street

                  Colfax, Iowa 50054



Any materials you would like to loan or donate to the museum would be very much appreciated, and fully insured for loss or damage. You can follow our progress on our new Facebook page: www.facebook.com/WorkingDogMuseumTobysSitStay. I will be posting updates and photos of the renovation of the building and creation of the museum.






Threat to American Herding Dogs:

Mandatory spay and neuter legislation is being pushed in California and many other states; working dogs will not be exempted.  


AKC Legislative Alerts.




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